Earthquake Early Warning Saves Lives

What can you do to protect yourself during an earthquake?

How can an early warning system from EWL make your organization safer?

What kinds of safety automations are possible and how might they help save lives, prevent injuries and protect property during a quake?

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Early Warning Technology:
More than Advance Notifications

How much can you do with 10-60 seconds of advance warning?

The truth is that 10-60 seconds is more than enough time to drastically reduce the potentially devastating effects of a major earthquake.

It all begins with notifications that allow people to take the simple steps that can potentially cut earthquake related injuries in half.

But earthquake early warning today offers much more than just simple notifications.

Early Warning Labs, the global leader in EEW technology, has partnered with leading institutions and seismology researchers across the west coast to create the world’s most advanced early warning systems.

These advanced solutions allow organizations to implement more sophisticated safety automations and multi-channel notification systems to better protect people and property in the case of a major earthquake.

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“Our first commercial license partner Early Warning Labs (EWL), has been a USGS partner since 2014 and they like other partners have worked in close coordination with us to implement solutions in many sectors including healthcare, schools, transportation systems, and in public buildings.”

— Dr. Robert M. de Groot, USGS ShakeAlert Project Coordinator