Different uses for Earthquake Early Warnings

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Different uses for Earthquake Early Warnings

Everyone from Hospitals, Fire Departments and individuals can benefit from Earthquake Warnings


The Earthquake Early Warning system may only provide a few seconds of warning in some situations, but those precious seconds could save countless lives and prevent serious injuries. The list below outlines the possible ways that the Earthquake Early Warning system could help in various situations.



  • Kids can duck and cover faster, before the shaking occurs
  • Move children away from dangerous materials



  • Doctors and dentists can stop surgeries and other delicate procedures
  • Emergency power could automatically turn on


Private and Public Buildings:

  • Elevators could be instructed to stop at the next floor and open the doors so people do not become trapped in the elevator
  • Generally notify patrons so they can quickly duck and cover


Fire Departments:

  • Open bay doors so that the fire trucks do not get stuck in the garage by jammed garage doors
  • Receive real-time alerts so the potential damage can be tracked and they can cover when they need to, but also follow the shaking to help others



  • Close portions of the Los Angeles Aqueduct to reduce negative aspects of shaking
  • Secure hazardous chemicals and stop dangerous processes until after the shaking has passed
  • Close bridges that may be vulnerable to the shaking



  • Alert planes to prevent them from landing or taking off
  • Slow or stop trains to prevent derailing and damage
  • Turn all traffic signals to red to stop vehicles so drivers and passengers can seek safety



  • Stop high-risk manufacturing processes or precision processes
  • Move workers away from dangerous chemicals or other hazards
  • Place large, hazardous equipment in safe locations
  • Stop production lines
  • Shut off heat sources to help avoid fires
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