The QuakeAlert System sends a warning up
to 60 seconds before an earthquake strikes.*
how it works
Most recent earthquake in North America
1.58km SSW of Calistoga, CA
Official Partner
Early Warning Labs (EWL) has partnered with the USGS to develop a powerful technology, that gives people time to take cover and creates automated responses for businesses, transportation & machinery to prevent massive damage.
Jul 07,2020
The Benefits of Emergency Preparedness
During an emergency, lack of preparation can have a devastating impact on any organization. Confusing messages, uninformed staff and disorganized leadership can put people in harm’s way, slow down response time and make it more difficult to get ...
Jul 07,2019
Early Warning Labs Delivers the Only Commercially Licensed ShakeAlerts to People & Automated Systems Across Southern California during Recent M6.4 & M7.1 Earthquakes
The largest seismic event to hit the Southern California region in over 20 years rattled Los Angeles and surrounding communities with shaking that lasted over 30 seconds.  This was the first wide-scale test of earthquake early warning in a large ...
Mar 07,2019
New apps are giving people a head start when earthquakes hit
Mar 05,2019
Minnesotan develops earthquake early warning app
Every time an earthquake happens, the destruction makes headlines around the ...
Feb 07,2019
Leverage Earthquake Early Warning With Early Warning Labs and Informacast
Early Warning Labs (EWL) recently partnered with Singlewire Software for a comprehensive solution that organizations in high-risk earthquake areas can use to alert their personnel when they are about to experience significant ground shaking from an ...
Jan 15,2019
What can we do with earthquake early warning? A LOT!
Early Warning Labs was featured in a Brainchild video series showing what a huge difference earthquake early warning can ...
Jan 15,2019
EWL and Singlewire
Early Warning Labs has partnered with a leader in the emergency notification space, Singlewire, for advanced integration into their InformaCast emergency notification ...
Nov 06,2018
Los Angeles Business Journal
EWL was recently featured in the Los Angeles Business ...
Oct 22,2018
Los Angeles City Hall wired for Earthquake Early Warning
Early Warning Labs is helping the City of Los Angeles lead the nation in ...
Oct 12,2018
What should you do with the warning time?
We are asked all the time what people can do with the up to 60 seconds that earthquake early warning provides.  The LA Times had a great article for a bunch of different ...
Oct 01,2018
EWL Featured in Bloomberg Businessweek
Early Warning Labs' QuakeAlert mobile app was featured in Bloomberg Businessweek talking about the great strides coming in earthquake early ...
Sep 25,2018
EWL Named “Disrupter of the Year”
Early Warning Labs has been named Disrupter of the Year at the Digital Marketing Recoded, by IMPACT18 ...
Aug 31,2018
KABC – Santa Monica firm’s app could provide early earthquake warning
Early Warning Labs was featured on KABC featuring our QuakeAlert App and how it provided warning before the La Verne earthquake to 800+ of our beta ...
Aug 29,2018
4.4 La Verne Quake – Hundreds of QuakeAlert Users Were Warned
We ran the numbers and the system worked as ...
Aug 28,2018
How an earthquake alert app could eventually give the West Coast vital warning
West Coast residents go about life knowing seismic threats are lurking, but there's a lot that people can do before an earthquake hits if they have even a few seconds of ...
May 24,2018
An Earthquake Early Warning App is Ready. Here’s Why You Can’t Have It Yet.
Early Warning Labs is the leader in the Earthquake Early Warning space and is working with hardware, software, and wireless providers to solve technical issues and get warnings out to ...
May 04,2018
NY Times: San Francisco Earthquake Risks: Questions and Answers
California has a seismic dilemma. A severe housing shortage is forcing the state to build densely and vertically. But building this way increases seismic risks. The proliferation of high-rises in San Francisco adds to the complexity of the city’s ...
Apr 05,2018
For a 5.3 quake near the Channel Islands, beta-testers in Downtown LA had 10+ seconds notice
Beta-testers of the app have been able to experience how well the technology works over the last few months. Today, when the app issued an alert about a 5.3 earthquake epicentered near the Channel Islands, people near Downtown LA had more than 10 ...
Mar 09,2018
“More than 120 school buildings were damaged, with 70 of them destroyed by the quake. The devastation prompted the state to enact a series of earthquake building codes, including the Field Act of 1933, which mandated that all school buildings be ...
Feb 12,2018
Telemundo – Prueban en California una app para detectar temblores de tierra
Early Warning Labs was featured on Telemundo showing the benefits and promise of earthquake early warning and the 10-60 seconds of warning it can provide to residents in California, Oregon, and ...
Be part of the first test group to receive earthquake early warnings on the go
with the Early Warning Labs mobile app ShakeAlert.

Early Warning Labs is an official ShakeAlert commercial partner.
The QuakeAlert app is powered by data from the USGS ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning system.
Alert delivery and other features provided by QuakeAlert are being tested and there are no implied guarantees.

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