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Businesses and organizations now have the ability to receive warning up to 60 seconds before the earthquake shaking strikes. What does this mean for you?

  • Warning announcements via existing PA and radio systems in residential buildings, public venues, the workplace, and more
  • Automatic shutdown of mechanical systems such as elevators, trains, vehicle gates and similar
  • Seamless switch to emergency power for hospitals, data centers, etc.

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For Josh Bashioum and Chase Rief, the next big earthquake is not about if, it’s about when. At Early Warning Labs, they were able to turn their passion for earthquake preparedness into an amazing technology that can save lives and prevent injuries. For more information on Idea Hall’s Brainchild series, visit:

Additional footage courtesy of U.S. Geological Survey, FEMA, Corbis, CNN, CBS, KCAL 9, Facebook/Kishor Rana, and Discovery Channel.

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