The Next Big Earthquake is Overdue. Will You Be Prepared?

Studies indicate that 50% of all earthquake related injuries may be prevented with early warning.

Early Warning Labs, the leader in earthquake early warning technology, is helping organizations all along the West Coast prepare for the next major quake, giving them the tools they need to minimize loss of life and property damage.

Watch the video to learn more about:

  • How EWL provides mass early warnings that can prevent injuries and save countless lives
  • How EWL can help prevent entrapment, crushing injuries, fires and other catastrophic outcomes
  • How you can protect yourself ahead of an earthquake
  • How EWL allows organizations to automate their most important safety features
Watch the video

It’s not too late.

A major earthquake is coming to the West Coast. The question is: Will we be prepared?

Other countries have implemented earthquake early warning (EEW) systems at a large scale after sustaining massive property damage and loss of life in a major quake. Sadly, if they had implemented EEW earlier, a great many lives could have been saved.

The technology for effective EEW exists right now. Public and private organizations have the opportunity to protect themselves and their people against catastrophic loss when the next big quake hits.

Now is the time to act. Watch the video above to learn how Early Warning Labs is leading the way in EEW technology.

Watch the video

About Early Warning Labs

Early Warning Labs (EWL) is an official licensed partner of the US Geological Survey, and the world’s leader in earthquake early warning technology. EWL provides comprehensive early warning solutions that allow public and private organizations across the globe to protect their people and property during major earthquakes.

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